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R' Shea Lindner

Rabbi Shea Lindner is an experienced Sofer Stam since 1993 residing in Brooklyn, New York. He writes, sells, and checks Sifrei Torah, Tefilin, Mezuzos, & Megilos. He is certified by Rabbi Avrohom Tzvi Vosner, Rav of Va’ad Mishmeres Stam, and by Rabbi Yecheskel Roth, Rav of Bais Talmud Le’hora’ah. His customers, homes, shuls, schools and communities around the country have been the beneficiaries from his work.

R' Shea LindnerRabbi Lindner is much respected for his attention to detail, and vast knowledge of the laws pertaining to writing & checking Sifrei Torah, Tefilin, Mezuzos & Megilos. This insures that these most precious items are meticulously written and checked with the utmost care and devotion. He is an expert especially known for his keen eye in detecting serious problems while inspecting Tefilin & Mezuzos which have otherwise gone undetected by various Sofrim for many years. He is the author of the annual publication “Kol Sofer” on this subject, distributed in New York, which has won wide acclaim.

R' Shea LindnerRabbi Lindner learned in the Bobover Yeshiva until his marriage, being a close adherent of the late Bobover Rebbe, Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam Zt”l, already then using his “scribing skills” to memorize the Rebbe’s Divrei Torah which he would deliver on Shabbos & Yom Tov, and then writing it down.


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