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Before purchasing Tefillin, it is highly recommended that you first read What you should know about this subject. The knowledge gained from this information will help you make a better decision while making your selection. The prices below include the Parshiyos (parchment), Batim (gasos), Retzuos (straps), and cases.

All Tefillin were written by Sofrim who have a “Kesav Kabala”, meaning that they are Rabinically certified Sofrim and “Yirei Hashem” who are qualified for this holy work. Each Tefillin is thoroughly checked by Rabbi Lindner personally.

Tefillin Level 1
Price: $1090.00
Tefillin Level 2
Price: $1290.00
Tefillin Level 3
Price: $1590.00
Tefillin Level 4
Price: $1890.00
Tefillin Level 5
Price: $2190.00
Tefillin Chabad
Price: $2190.00

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