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In Parshas Vayelech Hashem tells Moshe Rabeinu before he leaves this world the last of the 613 commandments in the Torah:

Purchasing a Sefer Torah is undoubtedly one of the most major undertakings a person can make in his life, both in the greatness of this Mitzva, which for most people is a once in a lifetime event, and the financial undertaking too. It is also one of the most special and common Mitzvos people do in the memory (Le’ilui Nishmas) of a deceased parent, relative, friend, etc. Some congregations make a fund raising event with each member buying one Parsha, so that everyone has a part in this special ocassion. It is only logical that a person take the time out to be a bit informed about this special Mitzva before committing oneself and actually purchasing one.

(1) First and foremost, any Sefer Torah you would settle on, would be written by a Sofer a Yerei Shamayim who has a Kesav Kabala that he is a certified Sofer, well acquainted with the many laws pertaining, and that he is qualified for this holy work.

(2) Usually the Sofer would start writing upon your approval. You would let him know at what time you would like it to be completed, weather it’s one year, two years, and so forth. The total price would be divided into monthly payments so that the final payment would be made upon its completion. But Sifrei Torah can also be available at various stages. Some can be available for purchase right away. Others can be purchased mid writing.

(3) A smaller size Sefer Torah is recommended so that it shouldn't be too heavy. Anywhere between 15 to 20 inches would be ideal, but smaller or larger sizes are also available.

(4) Similar to Tefilin & Mezuzos, various Kesavim (customs of writing) exist in Sifrei Torah, Bais Yosef, Arizal, Sfardi, etc. Read What you should know about them to help you make your selection.

(5) Included in the price would be the cost of the actual writing, parchment, sewing the Yerios (pieces of parchment) together, plus a computer check on the entire Sefer Torah for spelling mistakes, and a manual check by a Sofer for any other textual errors regarding the form of the letters. The Atzei Chaim (the two wooden pillars it is attached to) as well as the mantle and other accessories are purchased separately depending on which one you choose.

(6) Since purchasing a Sefer Torah is a major undertaking, it would be best to contact us personally, to discuss every aspect in detail.

We will B’ezras Hashem have in the future a selection of Sifrei Torah & its accessories.

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