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Parshas Ha’ketores

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The Torah in Parshas Korach tells us about a terrible plague which befell Bnei Yisroel in the Midbar. Ahron Hakohen took the Ketores which was used as an offering to Hashem in the Mishkan, and with it, he stopped the Angel of Death in his tracks. This is the first time we see the great power of Ketores.

Furthermore, we see in the Gemara Yuma Pg. 26 that all the Kohanim yearned to have the privilege of offering the Ketores in the Bais Hamikdash, due to the fact that upon offering the Ketores, the Kohanim became wealthy.

The Seforim bring that to read the Parshas Ha’ketores handwritten on parchment is a powerful Segula for all personal problems. Let us first quote from the Zohar Hakadosh Parshas Vayakhel and Parshas Pinchas:

"A person who sees that bad things are happening to him, and in whatever he does he sees no success, should make sure to read the Seder of Pitum Ha’ketores each day in the morning and evening, and he should do Teshuva with all his heart, then the harsh Dinim will leave him. Whoever reads the Seder of Ketores in the morning before Aleinu, is nullifying a decree of death from his home.”

Let us quote from the Kaf Hachaim in Shulchan Aruch Siman 132:

"The Pitum Ha’ketores should be written on Kelaf in the same kesav as in a Sefer Torah and you should read from it for Ketores brings wealth. Whoever does this is guaranteed that he will always have a bountiful Parnasa, and he will be successful in all his endeavors.”

The Seder Hayom in Seder Avodah writes:

"A person should have the Seder of Pitum Ha’ketores written on Kosher Klaf just like a Sefer Torah, and he should read from it once in the morning and once in the evening with great Kavana and I vouch that he will be helped.”

The Ketores is written on parchment and is inserted in a beautiful protective leather holder where the actual parchment is covered with thick plastic so as not to get ruined. Included is also Lam’natzeach Binginos which is Mizmor 67 in Tehilim written in the shape of a Menorah. Reading this in such a form, is also known as being a great Segula.

KetoresThere are basically two customs regarding the wording of Parshas Ha’ketores, one for Ashkenazim and one for Sfardim. Regarding the Kesav, meaning the form of the letters, there are three options, namely Kesav Bais Yosef, Arizal, and Sfardi. Please read What you should know to get a better understanding of the various customs in Kesav.

Two levels can be selected. Level 2 is a bit more nicely and consistently written than Level 1. The size is 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches when closed, 13 x 6 1/2 inches when open. Some people get a larger size Ketores and then frame it, and donate it to their Shul so that everyone can read from it off the wall. To inquire about this or any other sizes or options, please contact us.

Ketores - Level 1
6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches when closed - 13 x 6 1/2 inches when open
Price: $299.00
Ketores - Level 2
6 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches when closed - 13 x 6 1/2 inches when open
Price: $399.00

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