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Spelling mistakes in Tefilin

All of the following copies of Tefilin were checked by Rabbi Lindner in the past few years. They all have spelling mistakes. Many of them were checked several times by various Sofrim through the years, with no problem being detected.


A person put away money especially to buy Tefilin Mehudarim. This is a photocopy of his Tefilin which was mehudar - except that a word was missing... He was wearing them for 10 years.

Tefilin Mehudarim

These Tefilin belonged to a bochur who had them for a few years. The Sofer that sold it was shocked that his Bodek did not find the mistake.


Unbeleivable - Yet true! Two mistakes in one Tefilin - one in the first parsha and another in the second parsha!

Tefillin Mistakes

From the handwriting below you can see that a Sofer from the previous generation wrote it, at least 50, 60 years ago. See the mistake.


These Tefilin belonged to a well known man in Boro Park, famous for his philantrophy, and was given in to check a few years ago. This was not the first time he had them checked as the Tefilin themselves demonstrated. The Tefilin still had on its cover the date Shvat 5757 when the previous sofer had checked them, indicating that these Tefilin passed his inspection. Look at the copy of the Tefilin below, and find the frightening horrendous mistake, this Sofer obviously overlooked.


If the above mentioned story is not enough, here is another one. The person who gave in these Tefilin to check could not beleive that a mistake was just found. “I checked them a few times!” he cried. His Tefilin holders proved him right. Not only did they still have the last inspection date of Kislev 5761 pasted on, but also the previous date of Iyar 5754! Look at the copy below and find the mistake. Again this goes to show that after all, a sofer is still human, and you can never be sure even after many inspections, that a serious problem won’t be revealed.


These Tefilin below were brought in for inspection by a Choson right before his Chasuna. He found out unfortunately, that he would be celebrating his Bar-Mitzva as well...


Unbelievable, yet true. An older man brought in these Tefilin which he was wearing since his Bar Mitzva - 50 years ago!!! His Tefilin holders bear witness to the last 3 Bedikos they underwent! But that’s not all - He had them checked every few years for the past 50 years by various Sofrim!!! A whole word is missing, but somehow no one ever noticed!


These Tefilin, still had on its holders the last date they were checked - 12 years ago. They obviously passed inspection and were returned to their owner, confirming the Kashrus of these Tefilin! See if you can find the mistake which this Sofer (and who knows how many others!) could not find.




See if you succeed in finding the mistake in these Tefilin. Some are not so easy to find. Good luck!

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